Best 14FT Trampoline [Get the Right Size Trampoline]

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The ways of spending your energy have just increased to millions. Several exercising and playing solutions & products are available in the market. However, we have witnessed trampolines in action. Trampolines are a great way to release your energy and do workouts with fun.

If you seek the best trampoline effect, you must analyze a few factors of the product. Trampoline size is a very important factor to consider. Bigger the size better the quality and bounce. So, if we talk about the best bounce, then the best 14ft trampoline might work best for you. 14ft trampoline provides you with enough space to exercise, perform tricks and accommodate more people at once.

Hence, we have compiled the 10 best 14ft trampolines among the top trampolines available in the market. Let’s check the detailed reviews to help you choose the perfect one for you.

10 Best 14ft Trampolines

Comparison Chart

ProductWeight capacityNumber of springsWarranty of frame
BLUERISE Trampoline with Enclosure Net330 lbs841 year
Jumpflex FLEX140-14ft Trampoline550 lbs9610 years
Gorilla Gadgets Outdoor Child Safe Trampoline333 lbs963 Months
TRIPLE TREE Trampoline330 lbs802 years
AOTOB Trampoline with Safety Net Enclosure400 lbs962 Years
YAKEY Trampoline600 lbs961 year
Calm Max Trampoline400 lbs88Lifelong
Spexlb 14ft Recreational Trampoline440 lbs801 year
JINS and VICO Upgraded 14ft Trampoline760 lbs80N/A
JUPA 14FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net425 lbs96One year

#1. BLUERISE Trampoline with Enclosure Net

Key Features:

  • The BLUERISE trampoline has a weight capacity of 330 pounds.
  • The BLUERISE trampoline has 84 springs giving you the perfect jumping recoil.
  • The product’s color is light blue, which is the template color.
  • Even though we are discussing only 14ft size, the product has a variety of other sizes too. Thus, making them ideal to easily fit in any space of your house and can be easily stored.
  • The pipes are carved out of 100% iron.

Only Available on Amazon

Key Specifications:

Size14 feet
Frame materialAlloy-steel
ColorLight blue
Number of springs84
Material Iron

Assembly: Packing is improved, and more secure compared to before. Easy to assemble with installation steps provided in the pictures. 14ft is a big size so it can take some time to assemble. After receiving it took us an average of 2 hours to assemble. A few pictures from the instructions were missing which made the Instructions confusing without pictures you can’t understand.

Durability: The quality of pipes built with 100% iron gives you the best experience of using the trampoline and gives strength to the product. Thicken iron pipes compared to regular trampolines & stronger springs ensure the product’s durability. What makes it stronger is its capacity to withstand changing weather conditions with the help of outstanding built materials.

Also, the functional capability is enhanced with the help of the presence of increased elasticity. Tested with 3 teenagers for 2 hours and proved very sturdy.

Safety Features: Extra thinking of iron pipes and stronger springs offer safety while jumping. With the installed safety net, you can surely say that you are safe while jumping on this best 14 ft trampoline. To keep your trampoline safely and firmly in one place wind stakes are provided with the trampoline.

Bounce Quality: Bounce is the feature of this 14ft trampoline. Mat quality is great which offers the consistent and best bounce. Even if you have the energy to jump all day it will offer a high bounce all day long.

Weight Limit: BLURISE 14ft trampoline weight limit is 330 lbs.

Extra: BLURISE provides 3-step ladder and wind stakes for the safety of the product.

Price Range: $350-$400

Warranty: Company provides a 6-12 months warranty depending on the part.

Customer Service: Customer service is very responsive and timely to address your queries complimenting their 100% customer satisfaction slogan.

  • Variable sizes
  • Rust free
  • Thick and stronger pipes
  • Customer support
  • The instructions are only available in Spanish

    #2. Jumpflex 14ft Trampoline – FLEX140

    Key Features:

    • ASTM Safety compliant.
    • It has the highest weight limit of 550 lbs, thus allowing users of all weights to give it a try.
    • The number of springs in this product stands at 96.
    • Unbeatable Warranty: 10 years on the frame, 5 years on the springs & mat, and 3 years on the safety pad & net.
    • Jumpflex customers get half-price trampoline parts for life!
    • The product is only available in black color.

    Only Available on Amazon

    Key Specifications:

    Size14 feet
    Frame materialAlloy-steel
    Number of springs96
    Material Stainless steel
    Pad typeSafety pads

    Assembly: It’s easy to assemble with help of a youtube video and a manual. The instruction manual can be confusing so we recommend you to watch the video before you start assembly.

    Durability: The heavy-duty design with 42-gauge high tensile steel combined with zinc coating helps make the design endure harsh weather conditions and fluctuations in user weight. The product’s design helps you get a more robust and enjoyable recoil on the trampoline than the competitive products available.

    Safety Features: There is no age limit for the usage of this product, and people of all ages from 18 months and above can enjoy it to have the best experience of their lives. Since it has high safety features such as a 360-degree soft, durable safety net with SafeSeal thus, it is the perfect product. This trampoline has curved safety poles. The curved safety design ensures that the safety of the Jumpflex FLEX140 – 14ft trampoline is not compromised. The overall quality and build are great.

    The safety net siding ensures that you are safe from all kinds of mishappenings while your jumping sessions and keeps you on the bed instead of falling out.

    Bounce Quality: The product has piano wire springs offering the best jumping experience. The innovative spring system provides a high and smooth bounce.

    Weight Limit: This 14ft Jumpflex trampoline is the best circular trampoline product that you will find in the market regarding weight endurance. It offers an attractive 550 lbs weight capacity.

    Extra: The Jumpflex 14 foot trampoline comes with a ladder for easy in and out of the trampoline.

    Price Range: $900+ (Price may seem a little extra but with quality, safety features, and high weight capacity it is worth every penny)

    Warranty: Jumpflex offers a lifetime warranty for the frame, jumping mat, springs, spring pad, and safety net. Plus all Jumpflex customers get half-price trampoline parts for life!

    Customer Service: Jumpflex customer support is top-notch! excellent response time.

    • High durability
    • 10-year warranty
    • Robust bounce
    • 360-degree safety net
    • Sometimes makes a squeaky noise.
    • Some users have found scratched paint marks due to poor packaging.

      #3. Gorilla Gadgets Outdoor Child Safe Trampoline

      Key Features:

      • The heavy-duty stitching technology offers a better bouncing effect.
      • The jumping mat is waterproof and UV resistant.
      • The weight limit of this trampoline is 333 lbs.
      • The trampoline is equipped with a total of 96 robust galvanized springs.
      • The brand offers a 3-month limited warranty and 30 days return policy.
      • The net, seams, and sleeves are equipped with the Blue/Black color giving it a perfect look.

      Key Specifications:

      Size14 feet
      Frame materialStainless steel
      BrandGorilla Gadgets
      Number of springs96
      Pad typeAnti-wear polypropylene

      Assembly: They deliver it in 2 different Packages that can be delivered separately, so no need to panic. Gorilla Gadget made it very easy to assemble by providing all the necessary tools with the trampoline. It takes an hour for 2 people to assemble.

      Durability: The heavy-duty frame is galvanized to ensure that it is corrosion and rust-free. The propylene anti-wear material of the trampolines is the thickest and strongest material in this industry.

      Safety Features: The introduced safety buckles are the best products for the protection of children during jumping sessions. The trampoline ladder is made from stainless steel with rubber feet to ensure that it does not slip. The see-through net ensures that your children stay safe on the trampoline and do not fall outside.

      There is one issue we have found is that the blue tarp to cover the springs does not fit and easily removed, so legs often fall between the springs.

      Bounce Quality: The robust galvanized springs offer high elasticity and bounce. The mat offers robust jumping which is great fun. If you search for a bouncy trampoline, then this Gorilla Gadget product is designed for you.

      Weight Limit: 333 lbs

      Extra: Also, the accessories such as a net closure system, ladder, jumping mat, and wide spring pad cover that come with the product make it the best 14ft trampoline ever made.

      Price Range: Given the size 14FT, this trampoline has a very attractive price tag of $300-$350 making it easily affordable.

      Warranty: The brand offers a 3-month limited warranty and 30 days return policy.

      This is the perfect product for children and beginners because of its large size. The increased bed size ensures that you can try all jumping styles while using this product.

      • Tools provided with the product
      • Elastic mat
      • Rust and corrosion free
      • See-through net
      • Springs pad doesn’t fit & easily removed

        #4. TRIPLE TREE Trampoline 14ft

        Key Features:

        • Fully galvanized steel frame for better resistance to rust and corrosion.
        • It comes with a weight capacity of 330 lbs.
        • The number of springs is kept at 80.
        • This TRIPLE TREE trampoline has a warranty of 2 years for all its parts.
        • It comes with a Basketball hoop, ladder, and safety net.
        • The product’s color scheme is Blue/ Black, giving it an elegant look and making it desirable for the customers.

        Key Specifications:

        Size14 feet
        Frame materialalloy-steel
        Number of springs80
        Material Foam, plastic, metal, steel
        Pad typeFoam pad

        Assembly: It comes in 2 boxes and may not be delivered at the same time, so wait patiently. Instructions shown in the pictures made this 14ft trampoline a little confusing to assemble. The brand also provides assistance if you are having issues with the assembly because honestly, It can take lots of time to assemble as it has lots of small parts.

        Durability: The steel frame is passed through the galvanization process to make it rust and corrosion-free. Also, the legs of the product are black powder coated and are 4 in number with eight balance points. The number of T pipelines, on the other hand, stands at 4 with 3 mm thickness.

        Springs are temperature hardened. Also, these springs can endure harsh conditions, and even after 150,000 extreme extensions, the elasticity will not be affected, thus making them anti-aging.

        The jumping surface is manufactured from polypropylene that is UV protected, thus making it endure all harsh weather conditions. The 14 ft trampoline with basketball hoop consists of a rust-free hoop carved from metal instead of plastic. But upon use we found that the net and basketball hoop have average quality and can be easily damaged with little rough use.

        Safety Features: The 14ft trampoline with enclosure is a complete system that includes the trampoline system and the enclosure system combined with a basketball hoop. When combined, they enhance the safety feature and effectiveness of the product. The springs are installed out of the net enclosure, thus making it a child-friendly product to avoid pinching.

        Bounce Quality: The EPE soft foam is the perfect feature, and combined with a high-temperature hardened spring arrangement; the bouncing property is enhanced. The patent-pending spring arrangements provide you with the best bouncing experience

        Weight Limit: The important thing we have noticed is it shows online that it has 800-1000 lbs weight capacity, but that’s not true. Its weight limit on the instruction manual is 330 lbs.

        Extra: Rust-free basketball hoop and a ladder.

        Price Range: $400-$500

        Warranty: TRIPLE TREE provides a one-year warranty for a 14ft trampoline including all parts. Also, provide free return if you don’t like the trampoline.

        Customer Service: Super customer service providing 7*24. They also assist in installing and using the product.

        Keep in mind: The product is highly desirable with a 100% satisfaction guarantee since the manufacturer also has faith in the product. Thus increasing the worth of the product. For those who seek reliability, this trampoline is designed for them.

        • Can accommodate 5-6 kids
        • High durability
        • High safety
        • Increased bounce
        • The net and basketball hoop have average quality

          #5. AOTOB Trampoline with Safety Net Enclosure

          Key Features:

          • This trampoline has a weight capacity of 400 lbs.
          • This trampoline contains 96 galvanized springs.
          • AOTOB offers a 2-year warranty on this product and also offers an extended warranty on demand.
          • This trampoline has a variable size with four different types available.
          • For 14ft only green color is available.
          • The 6 U-shaped feet provide it with a firm grip
          • 14ft size comes with a basketball hoop.

          Only Available on Amazon

          Key Specifications:

          Size 14 feet
          Frame materialalloy-steel
          ColorGreen Black
          Number of springs96
          Material Foam, steel
          Pad typeFoam pad

          Assembly: This trampoline comes in 3 separate boxes and is delivered separately, so don’t panic. Not as easy to assemble as the other trampolines. There are some pictures in the manual with no written instructions making it confusing. It takes time to understand the manual and get it done.

          Durability: The safety of the jumping mat helps determine the trampoline’s quality. The improved and innovative mats of the AOTOB trampoline can last 20 to 30 years because of its wear-resistant property. The jumping surface and springs seem to be of reasonable quality. Making it a lifelong product.

          The galvanized inside-out frame and springs are rust and corrosion-free. Therefore, they can withstand any weather conditions, from UV rays to rainy seasons. 6 u-shaped legs provide a firm grip that reduces all the chances of bending and breaking the trampoline’s frame.

          Safety Features: With 6 trampoline stakes jumping becomes safe and the trampoline stays firm on the ground. The AOTOB trampoline with a net enclosure is the perfect product for users with high-weight marks and those who want a product that might last for a lifetime. If you are a beginner and are hesitant to jump and bounce, you need a product like this that can be safe for you.

          The net enclosure of the trampoline makes it ideal for users. Combined with the tightly woven jump pad cover and ladder, these features make it the best circular trampoline. The product has 12 balance points, thus making it stick to the ground. If you seek the safest product; this AOTOB product is designed for you.

          Bounce Quality: The number of springs on this trampoline stands at 96, providing you with the best bouncing experience.

          Weight Limit: 400 lbs

          Extra: Comes with a basketball hoop, trampoline stakes, and a ladder. It’s nice that you don’t have to purchase a ladder separately.

          Price Range: $350-$4000

          Warranty: AOTOB offers a 2-year warranty on this product and also offers an extended warranty on demand.

          Customer Service: The best thing is support, some friends had a few parts missing but the company responded in a timely manner and delivered the remaining parts within 2-3 days. Great customer service! Very quick and helpful.

          • Added basketball hoop
          • High bounce
          • See-through net
          • Best balance
          • The product comes in three boxes
          • Pink plastic tarp that won’t hold up

          Findings from Our Testing

            #6. YAKEY Trampoline

            Key Features:

            • The weight capacity of the trampoline is 600 lbs.
            • This trampoline offers 96 primary high-performance springs in 14ft size.
            • Its warranty time stands at 1 year for all the product parts. Also, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.
            • The product’s color scheme is Blue giving it an elegant look.
            • It comes with a basketball hoop.

            Key Specifications:

            Size14 feet
            Frame materialGalvanized
            Number of springs96
            Material Foam, PP material, Galvanize spring and frame,
            Pad typeFoam pad

            Assembly: It comes in 3 Box Packaging and may NOT be delivered at the same time, so wait patiently. It’s hard to assemble, recommended 2-3 persons for assembly.

            Durability: The 1.5 mm poles are galvanized to ensure that the product is free from rust and corrosion. The product is highly durable, and the advanced wear-resistant zinc coating makes it last in the harsh conditions of the environment.

            The PP soft foam is connected with the steel tube to minimize the gap between the mat and the net. The metal frame is passed through the galvanization process to make it rust and corrosion-free. Also, the legs of the product are black powder coated and are 6 in number with 12 balance points.

            Safety Features: YAKEY brand emphasizes on safety as it’s their no. 1 priority. The design is compatible with the guideline of the ASTM F381 and F2225. Trampoline accessories such as enclosure net, mat cover, jumper, and tubes are marked with clear warnings to avoid injuries.

            The perimeter mesh feels thin and flimsy but it holds my 7 yr old kid just fine. I think it would definitely benefit from a more sturdy mesh, especially if older kids are hopping around.

            Bounce Quality: The perfect bounce quality is the specialty of the YAKEY trampoline. The standard propylene bounce surface, combined with high-performance springs, offers the best bouncing experience with safety and smoothness never experienced before.

            Weight Limit: 600 lbs

            Extra: A basketball hoop with a mini basketball, ladder, and all the installation tools you need. The basketball hoop is portable, you can remove it when not using it.

            Price Range: $325-$425

            Warranty: All the features combined with the 1-year warranty of the frame and the easy assembly make it one of the best products available in the market.

            Customer Service: Customer service is reliable, and the response time is within 24 hours, which is great. Few customers rated the service as A+.

            • Powerful bounce
            • Steady structure
            • High durability
            • High Safety
            • Not easy to assemble
            • 3 box packaging

              #7. CalmMax 14ft Trampoline

              Key Features:

              • The design is compatible with the guideline of the ASTM F381 -16.
              • Calm Max offers a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs.
              • The Calm Max trampoline has 88 springs that are galvanized to ensure that they are rust and corrosion-free.
              • Comprehensive warranty: The product has a lifelong warranty.
              • The Calm Max trampoline is available in Green and Blue colors.

              Only available on Amazon

              Key Specifications:

              Size14 feet
              Frame materialalloy-steel
              BrandCalm Max
              Number of springs88
              Material Foam, metal steel
              Pad typeFoam pad

              Assembly: It comes in 2 separate packages so be patient. Excellent packaging and delivery and love that it included gloves, a screwdriver, and everything you need to get it done. Took a couple of hours to complete and the instructions could be better but overall it’s pretty easy to figure out. It’s easy to assemble the trampoline but there are no instructions for the netting.

              Durability: This 14ft round trampoline is made from some of the highest quality materials. These pads are made from PE and PVC. The premium PP is used for the manufacturing of the jumping mat. All the materials being of the highest quality, provide you with a simply perfect bounce. The product is tested for 40000 jumps, and the mats are tested for 5000 hours. The complete frame is carved out of rust-free metal.

              Safety Features: The installed safety pads help ensure that you get a safer experience. The bold, strong springs are covered with a durable blue PE+PVC foam that will protect you from any kind of injury. The heavy-duty frame of the trampoline has four legs and eight balance points.

              Bounce Quality: The trampoline is also equipped with some of the best high galvanized springs, thus giving you a better bouncing experience. EU standard Polypropylene bounce surface provides unmatched rebounding force. The heavy-duty springs help get the experience of ultra-bouncing, thus giving you the highest lifts that you desire from a trampoline.

              Weight Limit: 400 lbs

              Extra: Comes with 3 steps non-slip ladder.

              Price Range: $500+

              Warranty: Comprehensive warranty: The product has a lifelong warranty.

              • Highly safe
              • See through net
              • Robust bounce
              • High durability
              • Netting is very tight, can easily rip off the zipper

                #8. Spexlb 14ft Recreational Trampoline

                Key Features:

                • It has a weight limit of 440 lbs.
                • This trampoline offers 80 primary high-performance, Galvanized Springs.
                • Its offers a warranty of 1 year for all the product parts.
                • The design and blue color help in making any product appealing to the customers.
                • ASTM Standard Approved.
                • Comes with a ladder.

                Key Specifications:

                Size14 feet
                Frame materialAlloy-steel
                Number of springs80
                Material Foam, PP material, Galvanize spring and frame,
                Pad typeFoam pad

                Assembly: It’s easy to assemble by following the simple steps mentioned in the manual. This trampoline was not easy to assemble because of poor instructions.

                Durability: The tightly woven safety net is manufactured from tear-resistant polyethylene. Thus, making it a long-lasting product. The rebound of the highly galvanized springs is superior to others, and it is resistant to rust and corrosion.

                The rods supporting the trampoline are also covered with protective covers carved from PE, which is highly wear-resistant. The steel frame is galvanized three times to ensure rust-free and corrosion-free.

                Safety Features: Since the product complies with ASTM F381 and F2225 guidelines, it stands true to all your requirements. It is equipped with all safety details and offers the perfect experience of usage of the product. It has a 360-degree safety protection net that offers safety while jumping sessions. The 80 springs of this product are covered with a PE+PVC foam pad, making it a safer product.

                Bounce Quality: High tension springs provide high bounce and the mat is of high-quality providing consistent bounce.

                Weight Limit: 440 lbs

                Extra: Comes with safety enclosure & ladder.

                Warranty: Its offers a warranty of 1 year for all the product parts.

                Customer Service: Better and improved service! Recently there was a shipping problem with this product and customers complained about parts being missing. But now they have solved the issue and our product came with complete parts.

                • Highly safe
                • 360-degree net enclosure
                • Powerful bounce
                • Heavy-duty structure
                • Enhanced durability
                • Poor & Confusing instructions

                  #9. JINS and VICO Upgraded 14ft Trampoline

                  Key Features:

                  • It offers a maximum weight capacity of 780 lbs.
                  • 80 heavy-duty galvanized springs provide excellent elasticity.
                  • warranty of the product in question.
                  • The product’s color scheme is blue, giving an elegant look and making it desirable for customers.
                  • The four balanced bars combined with 4 “W” shaped legs offer more stability than the other products.
                  • Comes with a basketball hoop and a Ladder.

                  Key Specifications:

                  Size14 feet
                  Frame materialalloy-steel
                  Number of springs80
                  Material Metal, steel
                  Pad typeFoam pad

                  Assembly: Takes 2-3 hours to assemble. it’s a 2-3 people job. Instructions can be confusing but customer service is happy to assist. Need extra effort and help in netting.

                  Durability: The thick PE spring pad is resistant to fading, and it is waterproof, thus lasting in all weather conditions. The galvanized steel frame helps ensure that the frame is free from rust and corrosion, making the structure solid and durable. The elasticity of the 80 heavy-duty galvanized springs is of the utmost quality. Thus, it is advised that you use professional equipment during the spring installation procedure to avoid an unpleasant event.

                  The zipper on the net is also worth mentioning as it seems to be very durable. The blue protective cover needs better quality our has some tears but it was replaced by the company.

                  Safety Features: The JINS & VICO trampoline is manufactured to comply with the guidelines of ASTM F381, ASTM F2225, D638 & AATCC 169. Thus, making it the safest product where all parts have indicated warnings to avoid any mishappening. The spring pad of 12mm is used to pad the springs. Even if the kids are standing right on top of the springs, they will not be injured. When combined with the safety enclosure net, all the features help us deduce that the product is the safest.

                  One feature that has been nice to see added to this trampoline over other trampolines is the extra connector bar between the supporting legs. We feel that this not only adds weight, but it also adds support and confidence that over time the legs are not going to be bowing in and compromising the trampoline.

                  Finally, we were slightly worried that kids would bottom out due to it being closer (it’s not really that close) to the ground. Great news, when tested it hasn’t come close to the ground.

                  Bounce Quality: The primary purpose of any trampoline product is to offer perfect jumping and bouncing experience; therefore, the EU standard Polypropylene bounce surface provides unmatched rebounding force, thus increasing the bouncing.

                  Weight Limit: Very attractive weight capacity of 780 lbs. In our JINS and VICO trampoline review, we have tested this weight capacity to around 450lbs and so far and had zero issues whatsoever.

                  Extra: Comes with a Basketball hoop & Ladder

                  Price Range: $350-$450

                  Customer Service: Customer service is prompt and provides assistance with every problem.

                  Since the mats are tested for 5000 hrs and with 780 pounds, it would be safe to say that you will never get a better experience other than this product.

                  • Highly safe
                  • Balance bar design
                  • Basketball hoop
                  • Double protection safety net
                  • Blue protective cover needs better quality

                    #10. JUPA 14FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

                    Key Features:

                    • Complies with ASTM Standards
                    • Waterproof Pad
                    • It has a maximum weight capacity of 425 lbs.
                    • This product has a total of 96 fully galvanized steel springs.
                    • 2 years frame warranty, one year on springs & mat, and 6 months for pads & net.
                    • The product’s color scheme is Blue giving it an elegant look.
                    • Comes with 2 step ladder.

                    Key Specifications:

                    Size  14 feet
                    Frame materialalloy-steel
                    Number of springs96
                    Material Stainless steel

                    Assembly: The assembly process of the product is not complex at all. It can be easily assembled without making use of complex tools. You can easily get the guidelines from online portals. But installing the net is a herculean task. It’s so complicated and time-consuming.

                    Durability: The metal frame is passed through the galvanization process to make it rust and corrosion-free. Also, the legs of the product are black powder coated and are 4 in number with eight balance points.

                    The jumping mat installed in the trampoline is of the highest grade because the raw material used in its manufacturing is PP premium Mesh. Also, combined with the 8-row stitching, ensures that the mat is not torn off. Very sturdy and very bouncy even with the adults jumping.

                    Safety Features: The safety of any product plays a vital role in determining the choice of the customers. Therefore, if we look at the details, we will know that the high-quality safety pads with 450 grams of PVC on the top and 310 PE on the bottom ensure that you remain safe even while standing on the springs.

                    These characteristics, combined with the high-quality safety enclosure net with a dual closure system, make it the safest product. The elimination of the enclosure gaps between the enclosure net and the surface for jumping helps offer additional security to the mat, making it the best product available. The springs and mats are tested for compliance with ASTM guidelines.

                    During our Jupa trampoline review, we found that the ladder is a little uncomfortable to step on with bare feet. We recommend you pad the ladder steps.

                    Bounce Quality: JUPA trampoline provides a high bounce. The springs are of high quality and the premium quality jumping mat ensures a superior and impressive bounce all day long. Tested for several hours and we have found the bounce remains high and consistent.

                    Weight Limit: 14ft JUPA trampoline comes with 425 lbs weight capacity.

                    Extra: JUPA trampoline comes with some handy accessories: 1. Trampoline Rain Cover, Spring Pull Tool (T-Hook), Ladder & 6 Wind Stakes to help you secure the trampoline.

                    Price Range: $370-$450

                    Warranty: JUPA provides Six months warranty for trampoline pads and enclosure nets; a One-year warranty for jumping mats and springs; and Two years warranty for trampoline frames. Also, they provide replacement of any defective part free of charge.

                    Customer Service: Customer service is quick to respond and very helpful. The safety mat came apart but customer service was very quick to respond and sent the new one. They communicate through email and the average response time is within the first 24 hours.

                    • Rust and corrosion free
                    • Weather-resistant
                    • Robust bounce
                    • UV protection
                    • The safety net is very hard to assemble.

                      Buying Guide (Factors to Consider Before Buying Best 14ft Trampoline)

                      #1. The Space you have matters a lot

                      Before buying a 14 ft trampoline, it is of the utmost importance that you look at the space to ensure adequate space to place the trampoline. If not, then buying the product will do you no good. Also, it will help if you read the trampoline size guide to understand how it works. As a 14ft trampoline is bigger in size you should have some extra space to ensure that you can avoid any unfortunate event. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you have decided the point to place the product and then make the purchase.

                      Also Read: What size trampoline do I need?

                      #2. Weight capacity

                      One of the reasons to buy a larger trampoline i.e 14ft, is its high weight capacity so that more people can use it. The average trampoline offers 250-300 lbs weight capacity, so make sure you choose the one with at least 300+lbs weight limit. High-weight capacity trampolines tend to have more bounce too so that’s an advantage too.

                      #3. Usage of the products

                      Determining the usage of any product before making the purchase helps you make a fruitful decision. If we take a look, we will come to know that those who know that the children using the product will be more than one have to think about whether the round-shaped or rectangular-shaped trampoline will work for them. Also, if an adult will use the trampoline, you must consider the details accordingly.

                      #4. Safety Measures

                      While enjoying your jumping sessions, you might experience some adverse events. Therefore, to avoid such conditions, you must consider all the safety measures. Consequently, you should choose a product with an enhanced safety mechanism.

                      Therefore, prefer a product that is equipped with a safety net. In this way, you will be able to jump and bounce with more confidence on the trampoline. Otherwise, you will always stay in a state of fear of falling outside the range of the jumping mat and experiencing something terrible.

                      #5. Paying detail to the number of springs

                      Springs are an essential part of trampolines. The trampoline will be highly efficient if the springs work in perfect condition. Therefore, you must pay close attention to the number of springs offered with the product. Conduct analysis and list the names of the products that have the higher number of springs. Prefer the ones with the highest number of springs. Also, ensure that the springs have the perfect tensile strengths and they can endure a maximum number of stretching and relaxing situations.

                      #6. The frame of the trampoline

                      The trampoline frame is an essential part of the product since it is the main body of the trampoline, and without it, the trampoline cannot function at all. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the trampoline frame is solid and durable. Since you are buying a product for a more extended period, you must consider the frame’s lifetime. Also, the frame of your chosen product should be galvanized to ensure that it is free from all kinds of rust and corrosion conditions, thus offering high durability.

                      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


                      Trampolines are the best products for free time enjoyment that offers you both joy and health benefits. Thus, you will not be able to find such a solution anywhere else. The list of best 14ft trampolines will help you make a wiser decision while getting a trampoline for yourself. We hope that the details mentioned above are satisfactory and enhance your knowledge in this regard.